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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Windows Live Photo Gallery is part of Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials suite. It is an upgraded version of Windows Photo Gallery, which was released as a part of Windows Vista.
Windows Live Photo Gallery allows uploading photos to Windows Live Photos and Flickr, which makes sharing easy. We can also upload photos directly to Facebook. Windows Live Photo Gallery contains all features of Windows Photo Gallery.
Windows Live Photo Gallery is made to replace default image viewer and photo importing tool from camera or any removable media.
Features include:

  • Photo management, tagging and searching capabilities.
  • Face Detection
  • Batch re-size of pictures and rotation of videos.
  • View photo’s color histogram with shadow and highlight adjustment, or to adjust a photo’s sharpness.
  • Photo and video import tool, ability to view, select, and tag photos that are automatically grouped by date-taken.
  • Panoramic stitching.
  • Support QuickTime videos when QuickTime 7 is installed.
  • Support RAW file formats.
  • Import directly from camera or scanner.
We can add additional functionality by using plugins. Microsoft has developed many plugins and some plugins are developed by other developers, these plugins are available at windows live plugins page.
It comes with Windows Live Essentials suite, we can download web setup and choose only Windows Live Photo Gallery or choose other programs such as Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, Family Safety and Windows Live Mesh.
Mozilla Firefox Current Version Plugin for Windows Live Photo Gallery can be installed by installing Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Live Essentials suite. To install, download the web installer here.
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